Radio Industry

In every country, there are laws enacted by the government to regulate and keep in check on the media and the communication industries. These laws provide guidelines along which the communication industries operate and breaching of these laws is an offense that is liable to punishment under the directives of courts of laws (Zajácz). The radio communication industries are one area where these laws operate. These laws cover both the private and publicly owned radio communication industries. This essay will look into details on the American radio laws and regulation enacted on the 13th, August 1913 when radio industry was becoming popular to a point the Federal Communication Commission was formed in the United States of America.

The first law on radio addressed the users; it stated that not any company, person or corporation within and around the jurisdiction of the United States of America to use radio apparatus for communication with the main of commercial interest among the several states and even the foreign nations alike. To persons, corporation and companies under usage of the radio signal that could cause interference of messages from and within the United States of America jurisdiction could only do so under license. In the provision, the, therefore, shall not go beyond the jurisdictions of the United States of America, or even interfere with the signals and messages from beyond the said jurisdiction. Also the named users found guilty and convicted are liable to punishment by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, and the devices unlawfully used shall be forfeited to the United States.

Section 2 of the act was to the license. It stated that every license shall be determined by the secretary of labor and commerce and shall contain the said restrictions and the pursuant to the Act upon which the license is granted. In addition, the license shall be only issued to the citizens of the United States, or companies founded under laws of the United States of America and that the license shall state the location and type ownership upon which the said apparatus are to be installed and operated. In the license too, the purpose for the station to which the apparatus are used shall be determined including the dates and nature of operation shall be stated in the license. That every license in time of war or public peril can be canceled and radio communication closed by order from the president of the United States of America and the owners too are liable to compensation.

Section three of the same act was on the apparatus used for radio communication in the United States of America. It states that apparatus used in transmission of radio signal shall be under the supervision of person or company and that the said users must observe the license provided by the secretary of commerce and labor Acts  of the United States of America in their dealings. Failure to comply with the regulation of the license the operators are liable to punishment and addition they may suffer the suspension of the license in question and the period will be as fixed by the secretary of labor and commerce not exceeding a period of one year. Further, it is spelled that it will be illegal to employ any unlicensed person to operate the radio transmission apparatus. And that any individual violating the provision of the act will be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction they are liable to punishment by imprisonment, not more than two months or by a fine that does not exceed one hundred dollars.

On regulation, it states that all the stations shall be regarded to establish a certain definite range of normal wavelength for sending and receiving waves and that the wavelength shall not go beyond six hundred meters or not exceed one thousand six hundred meters (Ronald & David, 1992). To the station along the coastal regions open to the public must be ready receive information from such wavelengths as per the Berlin Conventions. To the ships in their operation on the coastal radio stations open to the public shall be allowed to operate by sending wavelengths of six hundred meters or the three hundred meters as per the international convention force. In provision, the secretary of commerce and labor takes charge to limit the two wavelengths of operation by the international agreement made by the United States.

The eleventh regulation was of importance as it stated the boundaries of intercommunication. It stated that any shore station open to the general public service should exchange radiogram with stations within the shoes and the ship stations too without destruction of the radio system used by such stations. In addition, that each station is authorized to exchange information and messages with other stations on the shipboard without the radio systems adopted by the said stations destructed (Leblebici & Huseyin, 1991). In time of their operational hours, the said stations have a duty to listen to other stations for a period of not less than fifteen minutes during which receivers are turned to receive information of wavelengths of three hundred meters for the period of not less than two minutes.

Penalties for breaching the regulation states that for breaching the regulation on the license of the apparatus, the person is liable to punishment by fine of one hundred dollars which is subject to change by the secretary of commerce and labor act. Another penalty for violation of section three, the operator is liable to a fine of twenty –five dollars, which is under regulation by the secretary of commerce and labour, and that to operators who violates the acts reportedly; their licenses are revoked or suspended.

The communications acts of 1934 were a federal law enacted by the United States and signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This act was later replaced by the Federal Communication Commission to provide regulation of foreign and interstate commerce in communication by radio and wire and to provide, efficient, rapid, nationwide and worldwide radio, and wire communication possible for the citizens of America. This laws and regulation were enacted sine technology was changing so first hence the need for both the wireless and wired communication technology to be adapted to provide communications for interstates.

One of the challenges that face the law is on the criminal activities of radio transmission (Collins & David, 1992). That is why there were various amendments made to the law so that currently it is an offence for the States law enforcers to use jamming devices to stop criminal activities and terrorist acts in tracking their signals using the radio waves (Collins & David, 1992). In summary, these laws have governed the United States communication industries drawing for them their line of operation thus protection their radio communication system from the ill intended users. These laws have come to change of communication in the stated to the benefits of the entire nation.


The Spatial Aspects of Race and Ethnicity

From the prehistoric times to the present, spatial aspects of ethnicity and race has led to the creation of particular neighborhood that soon developed into residential, business centers, towns and cities of the present days such as Korea Town, China, and Filipino towns. Race defines a category or a group of people who share distinct physical status like skin colure, fall into various separate and sharply bounded, behave in a particular away and are ranked hierarchically. On the other hand, neighborhood forms a subsection of a larger group of people such as a community and institutions. They occupied a spatially defined geographical area and influenced by cultural, ecological and political forces. This essay will seek to explore for various reason that led to the development of such neighborhood under the following subheadings.

What was the purpose of creating these designations?

As recorded from the lecturer’s slide, relational aspect led to the creation of these designations. People placed themselves into various categories because they were treated differently from others in the society. In America, the whites viewed the blacks as uncivilized in the community and could not interact freely with them in the open. To the whites, African Americans were fit for providing labor and that is exactly what they did in prehistorical time. Due to this prejudice the whites occupied distinct areas, as well as the black American, also held certain places. The civilization barrier, therefore, kept the whites and the blacks apart. This led to the formation of the racial neighborhood in the United States. That is blacks community and whites’ neighborhoods.

Protection from forced labor was one major reason as to why some Africans defined their boundaries and area. Most blacks’ in Whiteman’s countries were under forced labor and faulted for any wrongdoing in the society. As a way to be in solidarity among themselves as blacks to protect each other, they had to define their neighborhood in the community. The whites too felt that the blacks were savage and could not be trusted in the society they had to define their boundaries in the same society. Colure, therefore, plaid an important role in pooling the blacks and whites apart into their distinctive neighborhoods to offer protection to one another.

Social and economic setup was a contributing factor to the setting up of neighborhood among an ethnic group. Within a societal setup, there were noble men and women. Most African-Americans were considered inferior to the whites hence they owned less wealth in the society. The whites on the other had been endowed with much wealth. Therefore, to maintain their status quo as whites they settled in designated areas apart from the whites. To blacks that owned wealth more than their fellow blacks also defined their locality within the community so as to maintain their social status.

Ethnicity was a major propose that led to the creation of designated areas. The fact that a given group of people had a common origin and culture, they come together to occupy designated places in society. Asian-America had a common origin as Asia. Therefore, they stayed in defined areas in the United States. In such situations, the Asian America, as well as African Americans, pursued their life goals but from their localities. The common ethnic background becomes the driving force for the formation of designated neighborhood in conscious racial communities in the prehistorical times.

Their purpose now?

The purpose of these ethnically labeled areas has changed at present due to the emergence of religion. The religious groups such as being a Christian or a Muslim has redefined the ancient neighborhood and today Christian in most cases live together in a given area as well as Muslim live in theirs. Since different religious faiths adopt a distinctive culture individuals tend to stay in defined community to peruse their goals.  Similarly, the heathens in the community also tend to have their territory. Because they perceive a common character, they live in their neighborhood.

As recorded in the lectures slides from the ninetieth to twenty-first centuries, the racial project has taken a new turn as individuals’ view other as either Christians or heathen. Others saw their fellows in the community as either civilized or savage. These new definitions have seen the shift in the ethnically labeled neighborhood disintegrate accordingly forming a respective neighborhood. As depicts on California in United Stated, these new definitions placed peopled into their respect group as their distinct behaviors and characters denied their groups. The purpose of these initial groups in a locality has changed to suit the current need of various groups of people.

Economic and cultures have changed the original objective of the ethnically labeled neighborhood. As depicted in the slide “Race in California” economically challenged in an ethnically based community will tend to define their boundaries hence the emergence of slums in the community. On the other hand, economically advantaged individuals too define their locality within the same community. Other beliefs have been abandoned by the same people who have been practicing them because they are outdated. The same slide show compares the levels of pervert of a white child in 1960 and the current times black children. It is clear that economic times have taken a toll on the black children. Meaning that economic times have changed initial ethnic localities.

What are the implications for the intersection of race/ethnicity and space?

The consequences of the intersection of race and space are that race defined by skin colure may define a group of people may inhabit. The whites due to their skin colure may not be in the same neighborhood. Some blacks due to their ethnic background may feel insecure in a neighborhood with the whites. The racial stereotypes connected to one community may make other ethnical groups keep away from them. Like the native white Americans believed Africans were uncivilized, and most of them savage meaning nothing good could come from them. Such racial stereotypes will, therefore, define places ethnic groups occupy within a defined region.

The white man’s ideology as expressed on the slide “witness” is misplaced and fuels racial prejudice. To the white he has the ideology that they were ordained by God, therefore, they could inhabit the entire continent. This means that the black man was a subject of the white man and had no authority to settles in places of their choice.  With this notion, the white man felt that he could settle in Europe, Asia, and Africa but others more so the Africans were restricted to occupy the Whiteman’s land. This misplaced ideology saw the whites colonize the Africans and other Asian community and settle in their lands with no prior information. Therefore, beliefs guided by racial intention may enable individuals to inhabit a gives space just like the whites did. Hence the intersection between race and space.

In addition, political reasons may influence a given ethnic community to occupy a place within a community. The ancient Africans were ruled by tribal leaders, and others who rebelled could be on their way to settle in other areas. This is because their political favors have not been met. Further interracial fights and wars brought many disagreements making the small group be displaced. Upon displacement of an ethnic group they settle in a new locality to starts a living. According to the lectures notes, such political ambitions could either bring people of the diverse ethnic group together. Just like it was in America, the blacks pushed for the end of racial discrimination and by the time the whites accepted the blacks, the politicians made agreements thus bringing people together. The whites, African-Americans, Asian-Americans and all the minority within the United States where brought together by political means hence inhabited spaces they could not access before then. Hence, political reasons pushed for the intersection between race and space.

In summary, ethnicity will define places inhabited by and ethnic group in designated place. From the ancient times, spatial aspects of the race saw individual covered by their ethnical background come together to inhabit a region, for a cultural, social, economic and political reason. These same reasons also define the relationship between race and places as a spatial aspect


Mechanical engineering


Over the years, perusing an engineering course has been my childhood dream. Engineering is one of the fields of the educational field that has produced individuals who by designing, constructing, managing and maintaining various engineering works, has made lives in the society possible (Landis, R. B, 1995). With various engineering sub-disciplines such as electrical, chemical, civil and mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering is the sub-engineering discipline I would like to pursue in the coming days. This essay, therefore, will focus on mechanical engineering and expound on various issues as part of my project. Mechanical engineering as a discipline deals with manufacturing of various devices and utilization of heat and the strength of its mechanics as per the manufacturing styles and managements of such devices (Wickert & Lewis 2012).

The reasons as to why I choose on mechanical engineering as based on my strength, I am good in mathematics, sciences and my problem-solving ability regarding this discipline is appropriate. I have been at my best in the above-named sub-disciplines in my high as a high school student, and it is for this reason that mechanical engineering attracts and suits me best. Secondly, my creativity regarding the manufacturing of various systems and devices will boost me as a mechanical engineering. I am also passionate about the workability of automobiles and spend most of the time researching on the materials used in their manufacturing hence the driving force towards mechanical engineering.

Toward the end of my undergraduate degree as a mechanical engineer, I will specialize in industrial application and major in the automotive industry. I am passionate about vehicles sine they color my world (Wickert & Lewis 2012). From their working principle, mechanical system, design, model, and speed are areas I will pursue to the latter. With required skills and knowledge in such areas, I will be able to design, construct and lead in the maintenance of vehicles as per the needs of the society. I will be able to come up with new models, efficient engine powered vehicles that will sell well in the market, which is ever changing depending on financial situations of automotive users.

My goal in the automotive industry is to help in the design, construct and maintain automobiles of high engine power, speed and affordable prices for users (Landis, R. B, 1995). My mechanical engineering degree will equip in me skills, knowledge, and various principles and will enable me to understand vehicles design together with the new materials being used in the vehicle manufacturing field. All this will be of importance since I will be able to design vehicles that are user-friendly, safe and meet the demand of the designed usage. Another goal is to design automobiles that are easy to maintain by users and develop systems within the vehicles that easy to use and operate by users. Automobiles designed too should be environmentally friendly hence contribute towards environmental sustainability.

My employment responsibility will include the development of test procedures in the automotive industry using innovative and conventional methods hence suitable and effective automobiles. In addition, my responsibility will be to bring new automotive products into the market and be involve in problem solving concerning the products and project management. I will also be expected to the device and organize tests that will answer the many questions from the clients, other engineers involved in automobile manufacturer and the consumers in general. I will also be required to contribute to the regular team meetings to update colleagues on progress, new developments possible problems faced in the ongoing manufacturing processes.

In my opinion, in a period of 20 years in the mechanical engineering field, I expect to see a new model of vehicles with more improved mechanical advantage than the present one. In those years to come the much experience in the automotive industry, I will be equipped with greater problem-solving ability, designing automotive products that are more effect and user-friendly. The next 20 years to come, I will be in a managerial position in an automotive industry during to good work that I will display once in the operation field. Due to ongoing technological changes and milestones, the materials for vehicle manifesting will be improved hence manufacturing efficient and effective vehicles.

The economic outlook of mechanical engineering is very promising. From statics and research done by 2012, the median pay for a mechanical engineer was about $51,980 in the United States. This means that other industries will be paying well due to change in economic demands. Another economic motivation force is the availability of job opportunities available for mechanical engineers more so in the automotive industries. This is due to the ever increasing number of automobile users who purchase vehicles hence high demands and need for more mechanical engineers.

On the question as to how the global marketplace has altered my chosen discipline is that there is increasing demand for automatic automobiles, unlike the previous ages that consumers used manual vehicles (Saleeshya, Austin, & Vamsi, 2013). Due to this shift in demand for this type of vehicles, there is a need to work towards manufacturing of automatic vehicles and their products that will sell well in the market. It has been reported that automatic vehicles sell well both at local and international markets; this calls onto the automotive engineers currently in the field and those tone like myself to research more on the economic needs of consumers as far as automatic vehicles are.

Finally, upon my completion of my degree course as an automotive engineer, I would wish to seek employment in Ford Motor Company situated in Dearborn, Michigan in the United States of America. Another is Toyota Motor Corporation in New York or seeks employment at MAN SE Company situated in Germany. Since these are fully fledged companies, they will nature me to become a world class automotive engineer and be at the top of my career. The challenges in those companies will improve my problem solving ability hence strengthen me as a automotive engineer.

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A Life Change

It dates back to my childhood days as grade one students. Having relocated from Senegal to the United States of America, a clear indicator not only was we change our lifestyle but also adopt to the new education system that was so strange in my view. The nightmares of my life started when my father took me to school for the first time. In my mind, I envisioned a stress-free life as a student in America, based on so many stories and films of Americans my father exposed us to early in life (Bullock, Richard, 2006). The air of that vivid day was calm, save for the tension that was slowly building up in me. How could the world of me be in the middle of a class of whites, who were so fluent in English, with me knowing not even a single word of greeting?”  These were among the unanswered questions I kept asking myself.

Learning process on how to read, speak and write English was a challenge, I endured with much pain. The kinds of writing materials were strange too. I could hold a pen with my middle fingers covering the tip of the pen, which kept my classmates giggling and making funny sounds at me. I could get hold of a class textbook and the best I could do was to go through admiring the pictures in the book. I got to a point I told my father to take me back to Senegal were I could fit and normally learn as my fellow country boys and girls deed. My father was so busy to help me with my studies, and so I had to go it alone.

It was not until I made friend with Jefferson that I felt the need and desire to learn how to speak and write English. It was an ordinary day in school in my second grade that Jefferson joined me up as I struggled to make meaning out of a passage in a book. “Bennie, reading isn’t hard; make it a routine to study with me every morning and after classes.” Those were the words of Jefferson a classmate. Jefferson could teach me how to read the letters, and write them in a neat line. I used to admire with the ease and swiftness at which Jefferson read and wrote English words. It was pure motivation and at the end of the day, I could lock up myself in a room and memories the words ad teaching of Jefferson (Bullock, Richard, 2006).

With nostalgia, I remember an English test we did as a class in my seventh grade, Jefferson was first and I second. It was utterly impossible for my teachers to believe my improvements as far as The English language was concerned. To congratulate me the deputy mayor that attended education day in my school handed me copies of story books and bicycles to use while going to school. Jefferson encouraged me to testify my reading skills, and I just wondered how impossible it could be for a classmate to influence me into knowing how to speak and write English. I entirely believed that it was up to my teachers to teach me all the writing, speaking and reading English. Teachers were always busy up and down solving matters they consider agent and of importance.

Lives on the boundary by Mike Rose and writing without teachers by Peter Elbow are some books that encouraged me day by day to learn better English. I use to spend my time trying to spend more time reading them as I practice the directives in the books. We could go over some practice questions together with Jefferson every day just to boost our understanding of another language. It is still a wonder the speed and direction upon which my reading and speaking of English was taking (La Shure, 2005). With time, I come to master English as a language but little did I know that spelling mistakes were taking toll of my written work. I had to ask my father to buy me daily newspapers so that I could read different stories in addition to the class texts.

In conclusion, I saw the pace of learning turning so quick to my advantage. With good command of English, I could go for competitions of various kinds; just to be sure, I was good in the language. Have so far come to realize that it only takes and efforts, coupled with determination for an illiterate person to turn tables as far as the academic world is concerned (La Shure, 2005). With the available materials, we get to move from one academic condition to anthers. We make mistakes in life and without giving up; we get to the top of the list in out areas operation. I, therefore, give much appreciation to people like Jefferson, who helped me go to the top in learning, speaking and writing good English.


What is an acute heart failure, symptoms, treatment and management?” based on a journal by NICE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence: Acute Heart Failure


From NEJM case, the cardiac examination is undertaken, and most of the heat organs are working on normal condition save for a right ventricular heave that was visible. The heartbeat is normal and further examination revealed a well-healed surgical scar that was present over the right side of the patient on the-the lower back, and to surmise all, the neurological examination was normal. What is of interest is that the doctor in his results confirms acute heart failure. This generates curiosity that is it possible to confirm an acute heart failure just by a heave on the right ventricular. The doctor too does not provide treatment procedure of the acute heart failure to the patient. It is this that generates the interest to dig deeper into an acute heart failure in pursuant of the following question; “what is an acute heart failure, symptoms, treatment and management?” to help bring out the answers to this question, this article will be based on a journal by NICE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence: Acute Heart Failure

Acute Heart Failure

In their definition, an acute heart failure is a cardiac medical condition that occurs when the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet up the body blood demand (Mant & Al-Mohammad, 2011). The cause of acute heart failure is due to muscle damage also known as diastolic and systolic dysfunction. Other causes result from internal factors such as birth defects, arrhythmias, and valvar dysfunction (Mant & Al-Mohammad, 2011). Other causes can be external such as lack of exercises and poor diet by a person. There are various medical conditions too that can expose one to chronic heart failures and those conditions include diabetes, high blood pressure, faulty heart valves, damaged or inflamed heart, inherited heart defects, and coronary artery disease. This condition makes the heart to adopt to the new heart conditions until a period where it cannot adopt any more.

Types of heart failure

The heart failure due to its many causes can start on the right or the left side of the heart and at times, it can attack and infect both the sides. The different types of heart failure are the left –side heart failure that is by far most common type of heart failure. It is characterized by short of breath that results from backed-up fluid in the lungs (VanMeter, K. C., & Hubert, R. J, 2013). From the left-sided heart failure is yet divided into two. That systolic heart failure results when the left ventricle is prevented from pumping blood, and it is most associated with the left part of the heart. The second being diastolic heart failure that is caused by a failure in blood feeling process on the left ventricle.  The right –sided heart failure always occur concurrently with the left –sided heart failure, this is because when the left ventricle fails to pump blood and increased pressure is realized leading to the damage on the right side hence right side of the heart. With the damaged left side of the ventricle, the right side will not pump the blood properly leading to accumulation of fluid in veins that may cause the feet and legs to swell.

Symptoms of acute heart failure

For acute heart failures, symptoms are more pronounced than in severe and chronic heart failure (VanMeter, K. C., & Hubert, R. J, 2013). The abdomen and the feet may suddenly swell, and there is sudden weight gain in the patients. The weight gain is due to the retained fluid within the blood vessels. Loss of appetite is also evident. Other symptoms include; to almost all patients with acute heart failure will experience short of breath, first and irregular heartbeats, wheezing and coughing, fatigue, spitting of pink phlegm and decreased ability to concentrate when doing something. In elderly people like in NEJM case, may pose several health conditions thereby making it difficult to isolate symptoms caused by the said conditions and those of acute heart failure.

Diagnosis of acute heart failure

To begin with, the doctor will start with the medical history of the patient and the physical examination too will be carried out (Ben & H. A, 2012). By use of a stethoscope, the doctor will listen to the heart and lungs to determine any case of abnormal or congestion heart rhythms. The doctor too will check the buildup of fluids in the abdomen, veins in the neck and legs of the patients to determine whether a patient has acute heart failure. An X –ray scan will enable the doctor to view the internal condition of the lungs and the heart of a patient. A blood test done in the laboratory will check the kidney and thyroid functions. In the blood test, the doctor can do analysis of protein and electrolyte level. Hence, any abnormality can be detected. On a stress test, the heart activity is measured during a physical exercise, and this can be done when the doctor is asking the patient to ride a stationary bike or walk on a treadmill.

A doctor can perform an echocardiogram test on a patient similarly, and this will be used to show how much blood the heart of the patient pumps (Pang & Schuur, 2014). Electrocardiogram too is performed whereby electrodes are attached to the skin as the electric heart activities are recorded. Finally, a Cardiac Computed Tomography and a magnetic resonance imaging scan would help to diagnose the problems with the heart as the images on the organs are shown. This is performed on a patient when they lie inside a machine as the X–ray takes the picture of the organs. Upon detection of acute heart failure by the machines, the doctored therefore, categorize the condition depending on the severity hence appropriate treatment adopted.

Treatment of acute heart failure

In treating acute heart failure, surgery, medication, medical devices and lifestyle changes can be adopted.

Lifestyle changes

To help a patient with acute heart failure, they can weigh themselves daily and that if the results indicate a weight gain of more than three pounds, then it will be an indication of retention of fluid, hence the patient should change treatment plan (Chacko & Philip, 2009). To patients who are smokers, they should quit because smoking decreases amount of oxygen in the blood, increases blood pressure and increases to the heartbeat of the patient. Patients should eat fewer salts since sodium increases the water retention leading to more work by the heart. The patients should also limit the amount of cholesterol because high level increased the risk of coronary artery diseases hence leading to heart failure among others.

Medication treatment

Angiotensin –converting enzymes Inhibitor and Angiotensin II receptor blockers functions to widen, opens up the blood vessels and increase blood flow by lowering the blood pressure. Beta blockers are drugs that slow the heart beat rate by reduction of blood pressure. This, therefore, helps to normalize heart rhythms. Other drugs include digitalis, diuretics and aldosterone antagonists.

Hospitalization medical devices and surgery

In most cases, acute heart failure patients are hospitalized and put on oxygen in the hospital to ease their breathing difficulties. Some common heart failure surgery adopted in the treatment of acute heart failure include heart valve replacement that is done to replace or repair any dysfunctional heart valves or receive artificial heart valves. Imploratory cardioverter- defibrillators whereby wires are planted under the skin of the patient to monitor the heart rhythm. It, therefore, means that if it dilates dangerously, the ICD will shock by bringing it back to normal. Cardiac resynchronization therapy and heart transplant too are some of the surgical treatment method employed in the treatment of acute heart failure.

Prevention of acute heart failure

There is some risk factor of acute heart failure that cannot be avoided such as those related to genetics or chronic illness (Fermann & Collins, 2013). It has been established that the key to preventing heart failures is by regulating certain risk factors. To control or eliminate conditions leading to heart failures, some lifestyle changes can be adopted such as maintenance of a healthy weight, regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, establishing ways to manage stress and management of pre-existing conditions. That is regular medical checkups by a doctor.


By looking into details on the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of acute heart failure; it is, therefore, easy to understand the medical analysis of the patient in the case study. It is also easy to point out that the doctor was right to say that the patient was suffering from acute heart ideas since one of the symptoms is heaving of the left side of the ventricles. This topic discussed will also be an eye opener to patients with such conditions to know that there is cure for acute heart failure

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2014 forest Hills Drive


2014 forest Hills Drive was released on 9th December 2014, as the third studio album by J. Cole an American hip hop musician. The song also featured some stirs such as Big Sean, YG and Jeremih, Bas, Cozz and Omen. This special album received acknowledgement from Recording Industry Association of America and by September 2015 more than 1,020,000 within United States of America. On the album is Cole’s childhood home in Fayetteville in North Carolina.

Discuss the timing (rhythm and tempo) of the piece/song(s)

The timing of Cole’s song begins from a mid-beats and increases in crescendo to mid high beats that leaves the audience attracted with the raps of Cole’s song. The rhythm of the music connects well with the beats with well calculated accent that is easy to catch up with the beats. A double rhythm is adopted to within the song. The musicians that adopts well with the pacing of the rapper on the dancing floor also maintain a regular rhythm.

What instruments are playing?

The key instrument is a piano. From the background, the pianist is visible with well-arranged piano that are plaid that gives the music its character. The pianist maintains the rhythm of the song in such a captivating manner o the music. In support, the guitar is plucked to mix well with the piano plaid and his combination is a master piece that is amplified through the mega speakers.

What genre and style is it?

2014 forest Hills Drive is a hip hop genera album that is characterized by raps. Cole adopts the four key style to suit his music in order to reach out to his funs. Musician like Cole adopting baggy outfits that captivates the audience characterizes this genus.

What is the form?

The form of Cole’s song takes intense rhythmic lyrics that is so strong and captivates. The form is brought out and kept in check by the instruments that give the soothing beats of the music.

What dynamics are used?

The dynamics infused in this song is the varying of the beats that mix well with the raps. The other duos efforts in the musing too, brings out another dynamics that makes the music very entertaining as different voices mix well to produce a powerful connection.

What is the mood of the piece/song?

The mood of the song is reflective as the wrapper talks of his past hard life and his family. The mood in the music is a reminder of how hard life can be at times. Moving from place to place with the mothers siblings is for sure a hard encounter of Cole’s life. It is out of this that he sets the music. The reminder of difficulties in the life of the rapper at timed brings up a somber mood.  At points it gets to such a hilarious mood as the rappers brings on some good moves he has made in life. The mood of the song is also meditative as the wrapper encounters the values of the loved relatives to the worldly success such as accumulation of large sums of money, cars and big hoses. It only takes courage of a relative to encourage you and keep you going, and that is the nature of success of Cole in life.

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Results and Hypothesis for Google, Inc., in China


Google Inc. is a multinational technology company in America and deals with internet related services across the globe. Established in 1996, the Google has extended its services in various countries around the world. This essay, therefore, seeks to establish the result and the hypotheses for the Google Inc. in China.


With the widening population of the people of China, Google company decides to expand its marked by establishing Google for the Internet users in China. To make the Google account more user-friendly, the company decided to develop in a translated China language to maximize profitability. Since the Chinese government was in control of Internet information accessed by Google users, many Chinese who were obtaining information prohibited by the Chinese authority, were arrested and prosecuted leading the death of so many Chinese citizens. The death of the Google users was attributed to the failure of the Google company to take into consideration the safety of the Google users in China.

Similarly, the first experience the Google users in China experienced made them stick to using Google because they realized that lots of information were being kept away from the public by the government. It was like an eye opener for the people of China to the so many and valuable information kept away from the public through government censorship. This resulted in citizens being always in trouble with the authority as they looked for information censored information.

It was a success for the Google company to receive profits, from China country but on the citizens it placed them at risk of arrest and even executed for going against the China laws that prohibits the access of some critical information that were considered dangerous in the public domain. Further China citizens also realized how the government continuously cheated them of information hence their constant pursuit of the truth but in the process some are arrested when found.


Initially, the Google believed that the ever increasing population of China as a nation was an excellent opportunity to gain maximize the profits received. Therefore, the company was driven by profit maximization rather than the safety of the Chinese country who were to be the users. After launching the first Google to be used by the China people, it saw the much arrest of the users who could access the prohibited information by the government, they had to change and develop a Google. Cn that could be controlled by the Chinese government.

Still driven by their primary goal of profit maximization, another hypothesis was that, developing a Google. Cn that was controlled by the government could still be a better option to generate profits. Upon development of, the citizen could not access the prohibited information by the government. Further the company’s notion that once a gap is created through entry into China market, the gap could never be closed. This meant that by Google company accessing the China market and opening the eyes of the Chinese will attract their attention to consciously looking for information using the Google as the search engines. In addition, the users will stay in touch with the Google company as they trust the company to be giving valid information to them. Finally, the Google company hypothesized that; they could manipulate the minds of the Chinese people and the government to gain maximum profit but the Chinese government stuck to their serenity and could not accept certain information to be acceded by the public.

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Far Data Solutions Business profile

A far Data solution founded in 1997 is an information technology company providing business reporting solutions to its esteemed customers. We at the Far Data Solutions offer our services to individuals, companies, and organization by gathering information, improve performance and help make an informed decision in securing data information for the clients.

The vision of Far Data Solutions

Our vision is to gather large volumes of data and diverse terms through well managed and integrated system to achieve the set company goals.

What we do at Far Data Solutions

To our esteemed clients, we capture data in its original state and present comprehensive information to empower our clients across all core business function. Other functions include human resourcing, quality management, reporting, operational and logistics, communication and service delivery to our customers. In information management, we provide information solution that are automated, efficient, effective and transparent hence help the business clients to eliminate reliance on spreadsheets, transform data into meaningful information and embark on labor cost saving

Our clients

We at Far Data Solutions work with small, medium and large organizations in any industry across the globe. To business environment, we remove the challenges faced with the various processes and complex systems by availing a well-researched on and the right information to people in time.

Far Data services and products

Customized dashboards customized and automated board and management reporting. In addition, we provide, finical, HR, HSE, asset management and production reporting. Finally, we also offer project management and business analyst consultation to our esteemed clients


Five sources of investment risk in a business environment.

Inflation risk

Inflation condition puts the business owner in a situation whereby his or her money power goes down due to a rise in the prices of various goods and services in the market. With the inflation being uncertain in nature, the return will always involve risk even in time of nominal return being safe. The surest way of solving this type of risk is to incorporate the use of appreciable investment hence stay ahead of inflation.

Business risk

The business risk is also the risk of carrion out a business in a particular environment. The uncertainty that come with the business environment calls for the entrepreneur to beware of their surroundings. To prevent the business risk uncertainty in the environment is to encourage diversification.

Financial risk

The financial risk is connected to use of debt financing by various companies. With other factors held constant, the larger the quantity of assets financed by debts, the larger the variability that will occur on the return gained by an individual enterprise. In a case that a given company fails to meet its debts, the company may risk dropping in stock value. To solve financial risk, the company should maximize the profits to be able to meet its debts.

Market risk.

The market defines the place to which the goods and services are to be purchased therefore it forms the most common risk most investors face. This will mean that in case the current cost of investments drops in value; it will cause the initial cost of investment be more than what its current worth. This will indicate losses in general hence to avoid this; the company should define its market as well as the time to sell and purchase.

Political and regulatory risk

Political and regulatory risk are the risks that come with the new regulation as required by the law. The new laws and regulations enacted may lead to drop in interest rates while the tax rates increase on the investments

The most important risk in my opinion is the is the financial risk. This is because, as a company due to insufficient funds, ne is bound to be in debt, and when the company is unable to meet its debts, then it may see a company drop in profits to an extent of bankruptcy. Finical risk, therefore, is a risk to be taken care of by the investors.



ITEM TO BE SOLD: Pip Pop                                   BUYING SITUATION: Straight Rebuy Style


STYLES/COLOURS/AMENITIES:   Aluminium Caned Pip Pop bottles


EXPECTED QUANTITY:  One Thousand Litters in A Week


PRICE/DISCOUNTS: $1 per six-pack

DELIVERY/TERMS: By Transit Vehicles

CLIENT SUPPORT/PROMOTION:  free delivery of the product as an after sales service







The carbonated, powered sports drink is very unique unlike those already in the market.

Similarly, the new product is sold in packets of six.

Very easy to use because all the consumers need to do is simply to pour the powder in a glass after opening it and add water.

The new sport drink is cheap to be purchased by the customers


  1. what are the ingredients used for the manufacture of the new consumer product?
  2. what is the usability of the new energy sports drink?
  3. in what quantity are the new product sold to the consumers?
  4. which users are mostly recommended to use the new powdered sports drink and to what advantage does it have on the recommended users as compared to other non-users?

Commercial advantage, the new product enables the consumer save extra money as opposed to the traditional bottled or canned sport drinks. It is approximately $1 per six-park that is saved when one purchases the new product.

Pride of ownership, the consumers will be advantaged to do away with returning of bottles which becomes tiresome in some bottled drinks.

Satisfaction of emotion, the new product will be appealing as they are canned in aluminium bottles that are disposable.

Comfort and convenience, due to its disposability, the consumer can buy the new energy sport drinks at any quick stop shop and worry not of the bottles to be returned to the shop after use. This is because the can bottles are disposable.

Security and protection, the portability as well as canned bottles make the new products more secure to the consumers hence their protection.



one way to meet the needs of the consumers is to make the new product available to consumers. To this, the new sport drinks are availed in the supermarket as well as the quick stop shops. At such place the consumers will reach out for the new products with lots of ease.

In addition, the quick stop shops are opened for twenty-four hours increasing the availability of the new products to the consumers.

Purchasing agent for various chains will also buy for all the twenty stores.

The twenty percent reduction of prices will reduce the money spent on a single new sport drink as compared to the traditional sport drinks, this therefore means that the new product is user friendly.


1.To meet the goal of being specific the company will park the new products in cans to distinguish them from other products of similar kinds in the market.

(2)  To meet the goal of measurability of the products, the company has decided to put the new sport drinks in six-park each for the consumers to buy.  

(3) The company has to meet the objective of achievability of their products by considering their market environment. That is why the company has decided to manufacture a space friendly new products by taking care of storage space


Reputation is a big influencer for the new products of the sport drinks. This is because of the quality services that the Peter and Greer Company offer their consumers. This has enabled them to gain more customers to their new products.

Another influence is the financial support from sales of other company’s products such the toothpastes that will be diverted to facilitate the advertisement of the new sport drink already in the market.

Finally, the advertisement strategies of the company are a big influencer of the new products. This will influence many customers hence the one time customers will be a repeat customers of the producers.


Due to the affordability of the new products, the purchasing power of the buyers will increase hence general profit gain to the company.

The portability of the new products will attract more customers because the customers once they purchase the bottles, there will be no need of returning the used bottes.

Finally, the company enjoys much benefits form the sales of the new products in the quick stop stores on the new products.                                      





the consultant plan is a sales approach plan that the company has used and will continue using because with the consultant personnel, the consumers are able to get the right information they need about the new products.

Topic for rapport

Relationship between the customers and the sellers will seek to establish friendship that attracts more customers

  1. Possible interruption and handling techniques

Bankruptcy: this can be solved by borrowing of loans to promote the sale of the new products.

Mismanagement of funds: The company can ensure documentation of financial statements as well as ensure accountability of expenses of used in manufacture of the products.

Lack of knowledge on the existence of the new energy sport drink by the buyers: advertisement can be intensified.

  1. expected prospect questions and sales responses

How does the company advertise the new products? Through the media such as the newspapers, and television programs.

Who are the target customers? The customers are both young and old who are able to raise the purchase of the new products.

What are the goals of the company in the next three years? The company tends to dominate the American marked with the new products as well as double the current profits margins.





  1. Topic: prospecting



What is the company doing about time management for sales in distant market places?

How well is the company prepared to deal with underestimate of the value of the goods by customers and other companies?

When one sales effort does not work effectively for the company, what are other efforts that can be adopted?

  1. Topic: Presentation and Communication


How will the company deal with building trust between the prospects and the customers?

How will the sellers of the company connect with the potential buyers?

What procedures will the company use to select use in selecting the company selling CEOs?

  1. Topic: Service After sales


What services do the buyers enjoy after sales?

When customers lodge complains on the products of the company, how will such cases handled?

What bonus do the company’s sellers enjoy after sales of a given value?

  1. Topic: Relationship Building


How do the company sellers relate will the buyers?

What is the nature of relationship that seller and a customer establish?

How should the sellers handle the uncooperative and rude customers?


You seem to like the new powdered sport drink. Is that true?

Whenever you consume the new powdered sport drink young feel more energized. Is that true?

Creation of disposable cans for the new product reduces the tiresome work of returning the empty bottles to the shop, do you consider that an added advantage?

Affordability of the new products has enabled many people to access the new product, do you share similar opinion?

How would it look when the new products are packed in twenty litter can? 






Bigger units of Pip Pop This will encourage consumers who wish to purchase in bulk Will leads to increased revenue





Increase supply to the rural areas Will ensure that more consumers are reached to meet their demands With number of consumers reached this will mean more profits





Increased number of employees As the consumption rate increase, the demand increases and so more employees to meet the consumes demands Increased consumers means increased sales as well as increased profit margins






Employees motivation Will encourage the employees to give quality service to customers With quality services to customers the reputation of the company increases





Sponsor some communal activities such as a joint environmental cleaning This will motivate the community who will increase their purchase Reputation of the company doubles when it is involved in communal activities






Prototypes of the new products

Research journals


Demonstrate to the buyers how to use the new products which in this case is a Pip Pop.

Include two or more people to one not drinking the new products and the other drinking and have then behave in a way to show to the sellers that the new product is of high quality.


By having a bigger screen with attractive advertisement of people using the new product.

Award the keen listener the new products as well as give bonus to those who have purchased a given number of the new product.







High price

Price Employ high bargaining power Be persuasive to convince the client of the benefits of the new products

2. Complacency



Complacency Good communication skills You can give the client a free taste of the new product to attract his or her interest and start thinking of purchas9ing the new product

3. lack of trust



Trust Good communication techniques Grant the customer a grace period for which they can use the new product. This will gain their trust




in the question about the warranty period, explain to the customers where possible that certain perishable does not have a warranty period in a friendly manner.

Question of pride, if it is not a negotiable price, communicate to the buyer to understand in a more amicable way

When a customer asks about the company history, it means the client is looking for trust, hence give the positive ends of company to attract the interest



      TECHNIQUE                         HOW I WILL SAY IT


1 Now or Never techniques.  “This is the last bunch of testy and more flavoured drink”

  1. questioning. “the prices of the product may shoot in the next few week, will you wait till then to make a purchase?”
  2. Trial close. “do you feel the nice scent from the caned drink?”


  1. More reason to buy. “the new product is cheap and once you purchase, you don’t return the bottles”
  2. Indecision closing. “you can buy the new product and have a taste so that next time you may make up your mind to purchase or not to purchase”
  3. POST SALES CALL PLAN: (Expected results, follow up plan)

First check if the prior objectives to the customer was met in a proper way

Consider if in case everything went right as loaned by the company.

Consider what evidences within the company that are still viable for sales opportunity

  1. SALES CALL CRITIQUE: If you could do the sales call again, what would you do differently?

I would make the new products very user friendly and reduce the level of biasness towards particular user groups

I would encourage the sales personnel to review their communication languages to customers to attracts more of them

I would first do thorough research on the product knowledge to meet the questions of the customers.

Additionally, I would review my questioning and listening to meet the consumers’ demands.